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পশ্চিম গুৱাহাটী মহাবিদ্যালয়লয় গ্ৰন্থাগাৰ


The library of Paschim Guwahati Mahavidyalaya was established in the year 1978. After establishment initially the library was known as college library. However, The library was renamed as Bipin chandra Baruah library in the year 2004, in memory of the late founder principal of the College. The Bipin chandra Boruah library is well equipped library with Computerized network through Soul software and internet with jio facilities. The library is well stocked with a collection of 41000+ books in English, Assamese, Hindi, and Bengali languages along with college component of e-shodh sindhu . It is a modern computerized library with soul 2.0. Software through which all the house keeping operations of the library such as acquisition cataloging, circulation, serial control and OPAC are being done. The library with its open access system and spacious reading reading area provides an green environmental atmosphere space in the college campus .Here students and teachers are always encourage to utilization of the library resources by creating a user friendly atmosphere DR. S.R. Ranganathan father of library science development in India has famously said that "The library is the trinity of Know More


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